dark_orion (dark_orion) wrote,

AI8 fic: Idol Hands

Title: Idol Hands
Author: dark_orion
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: NC-17, baby.
Summary: “You’re laughing at me,” Adam growled, at contrast with the smile in his eyes.
“Yeah, I really am,” Kris quipped back, hands going to Adam’s waist, pushing aside jacket and shirt to slide over warm, smooth skin. Challenge in his eyes, Kris added, “Do something about it.”

Author’s Notes: Finally, here’s the porn inspired by Wednesday night’s results show. Kind of delayed, yeah, but it takes me frickin’ forever to write sex. Oh, yeah, I don’t own anything; I don’t know anyone; please don’t sue me.

Idol Hands

It took well into the early morning hours before either of their families was willing to let them go. It had been some time after the show wrapped earlier, after the blitzkrieg of press that had descended upon the two men had had its fill of video and pictures and soundbytes that either Adam or Kris had even been able to speak to their respective family members, and at the urging of the Mothers Lambert and Allen, the two men had been all but kidnapped from the CBS Studio, swept up as their families had joined forces to foil the plans of Idol producers and studio executives alike, elbowing them out of the way so that they could congratulate their champions in the manner in which they deserved: with hugs, slaps on the back, teasing, embarrassment on the order of “you’ll never guess what he did when he was five,” and the type of love and heartfelt well wishing that only family could provide.

The sum of their two families had gathered in the Idol mansion, if for no other reason than the sake of the privacy found there that could not be guaranteed elsewhere, even with—or perhaps because of—the full weight of American Idol behind them. The chef that had been provided for the Idol contestants had not been present at the mansion, not having anticipated the two remaining contestants actually being there for dinner, much less their ravenous families. With the dearth of actual meal-type food available, and with understandably few volunteers to do any cooking, they had ordered pizza to be delivered, the stack of pizzas nearly toppling the delivery boy as he brought them to the door thirty minutes later.

They had all gathered in the vast space of the living room to eat, maneuvering Kris and Adam towards the center of a large sofa, where they were quickly surrounded.

Mostly both men were content to lounge back into the soft leather of their impromptu throne, eating a large enough dinner that it made up for a lunch made inedible by nerves, letting their family members’ conversation drift around them. Kris nodded in all the appropriate places or made agreeing grunts around mouthfuls of pizza, simply basking in the presence of those closest to him, and beside him, Adam had adopted a similar technique, though he did manage to swallow his food before he spoke.

However, as one appetite was sated, another made its presence known. With each moment that passed, Kris grew increasingly aware of how tightly he was pressed against Adam, from shoulder to knee, the slump of the sofa under their weight making it impossible for the two of them not to be in constant contact. Kris now regretted discarding the jacket he had been wearing earlier that night, thinking it too hot, because as they shifted against one another, each brush of his forearm against Adam’s own bare skin, that…that was what truly burned.

Adam couldn’t stop sneaking glances to his left at Kris, even while trying to hold a conversation with his brother and Kris’ father, seated to his right, though it strained even his ability to perform to keep those glances seemingly casual. It might have been bearable, pleasurable even, to remain so, gradually drawing out the tension with hidden looks and increasingly lingering touches disguised as congratulation and camaraderie, if not for Kris’ suddenly dropping his widespread hand a little too high up on Adam’s thigh for his own peace of mind.

It had been an accident: Kris had been listening to Adam’s father tell a story involving a very young Adam, his mother’s makeup, and an inattentive babysitter, which had been quite literally thigh-slappingly funny. Unfortunately, due to their close proximity, the thigh that had been slapped was not Kris’ own, but was instead Adam’s. When confusion over not feeling the contact of his hand on his leg made Kris look to where said hand had landed and he found that he was inadvertently feeling Adam up, his face had immediately started up the telltale burn that meant he was blushing, and his widening eyes had shot up to meet Adam’s, equally wide, and lit with a desire so intense that Kris was thankful he was already blushing.

The two joked it off to the soundtrack of their families’ laughter, and the conversations resumed. However, after only a few minutes, Adam subtly nudged Kris with his elbow. When the other man had looked back at him, Adam raised an eyebrow, indicating their gathered clans with a sweep of his eyes, then jerked his head slightly in the direction of the front door. Kris’ frowned in confusion, eyebrows gathering to wrinkle his forehead in a way Adam found inexplicably cute. Adam indicated their gathered family members with eyes once more before turning back to the group and letting loose a jaw-popping yawn, making noises about how he’d been too high on adrenaline to get much sleep the night before.

Kris caught on quickly, adding his own two cents by way of a yawn no less impressive than Adam’s, for all that it emerged from the side of his mouth.

With two veteran mothers in the house, that was all it took. Within seconds, Leila and Kim were hustling their respective broods out of the mansion, admonishing their sons to go right to bed (Kris’ snort of laughter was lost in the melee of goodbyes), only barely convinced that they didn’t need to tuck Adam and Kris in themselves.

The two men walked their families to the front door, seeing them out. Katy lingered behind for a moment, allowing the others to head to their cars while she turned back to Kris. She leaned in and kissed his cheek, pulling back to say with a knowing glance towards Adam, who was hugging his mother goodbye for what had to be the dozenth time, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Kris smiled sheepishly, blush rising once again, and he ducked his head briefly to hide it. “Were we really that obvious?”

Katy leaned in to him, arm going around his waist in a half hug, and her smile was all mischief. “Only to me.” She gave him one last squeeze, adding, “Have fun,” before heading over to Adam.

As Adam dutifully leaned down for Katy’s kiss to his cheek, her low, “Let him get some sleep at least,” surprised a burst of laughter out of him. She turned away with a last wink to the two men.

As the door closed behind her, Adam turned to Kris. “Okay, now I want to marry your wife.”

Kris slumped back against the front door as his laughter bent him double. Only as it started to wind down was Kris able to gasp out, “In your dreams, man.”

“Seriously, it’s disturbing. It’s been so long since I was last with a woman that I’m not even sure I remember where things go.”

Kris’ head landed with an audible thud against the door as his laughter spilled out once again.

Adam frowned in mock injury and suddenly Kris found that his personal space was suddenly and completely filled by the other man, Adam’s arms blocking him in as Adam planted his hands against the door on either side of Kris’ shoulders. Kris straightened to face the other man, quieting his laughter, but unable to keep his mouth from twitching uncontrollably, mirth not quite contained.

“You’re laughing at me,” Adam growled, at contrast with the smile in his eyes.

“Yeah, I really am,” Kris quipped back, hands going to Adam’s waist, pushing aside jacket and shirt to slide over warm, smooth skin. Challenge in his eyes, Kris added, “Do something about it.”

Adam’s eyes narrowed, “Fine,” and before Kris even had time to blink, Adam’s mouth was on his, hard, demanding, and wholly consuming.

Adam pressed in closer to Kris, one hand sliding from the door to Kris’ shoulder, gliding up the cloth to curve around his neck, sinking just the tips of his fingers into Kris’ hair, teasing only, as his thumb stroked along Kris’ jaw line. Adam parted Kris’ legs with a knee, pressing his thigh against the growing hardness in Kris’ jeans, taking advantage when Kris’ mouth opened to let out a gasp, tongue sweeping in and possessing the other man’s mouth.

Kris closed his eyes and gave himself up to it, to Adam, rocking almost helplessly against the other man’s hard thigh. Slipping his fingers through Adam’s belt loops, Kris abruptly pulled Adam in against him completely, unable to keep from grinning smugly into their kiss as Adam groaned when his erection made contact with the jut of Kris’ hip.

Adam pulled back only enough to rest his forehead against Kris’, panting as he smiled. “You’re evil,” he said, not without affection.

Kris rocked his hips into Adam’s as his hand slipped under the waistband of Adam’s pants, fingers skimming over the top of his ass, pleased when Adam’s breath hitched. “But you knew that already.”

Adam curled his free arm around Kris, pulling him away from the door to lean in to Adam and slipping his hand down, stroking over Kris’ jeans-covered ass, long fingers unerringly finding the seam, tracing it down until he was pressing against the entrance to Kris’ body through the layers of fabric, forcing Kris to rise up on his toes as he moaned so that Adam could whisper in his ear, breath ghosting over the delicate shell, “I think we need to take this elsewhere.”

Kris pressed his mouth frantically to Adam’s as the other man repeatedly stroked over his ass, kiss growing more desperate as Adam pressed against his entrance again. Pulling back, he was able to gasp, “Well, Mom did say we needed to go right to bed.”

Adam smiled against Kris’ mouth. “I guess we wouldn’t want to make liars out of ourselves, would we?”

Pulling apart was a slow, almost painful, process, as each man would lean back in to steal just one last kiss or one last touch. Eventually they broke contact long enough to make their way towards the stairs, completely refraining from touching while descending because they knew from experience that that was dangerous business.

Eventually they made it to their basement lair, by some unspoken accord heading to Adam’s room. Habit long ingrained made Kris turn to close and lock the door, even though there was no one left to disturb them. Before he could turn back to face Adam, the other man was behind him, arms coming up around Kris to pull him back against the curve of Adam’s body. Adam’s long arms easily encompassed Kris’ slender frame, Adam’s left hand slipping under the fabric of Kris’ t-shirt to trace over the old surgery scars on Kris’ right side. Kris had never been able to puzzle out why Adam so liked to touch them, but Kris found that slight quirk quite easy to accept, so long as Adam was willing to keep pressing the heel of his right hand against Kris’ cock just. Like. That.

Savoring the sweet, breathy sounds tumbling from Kris’ lips as Adam continued to massage his erection, and snugging his own comfortably into the small of Kris’ back, Adam nuzzled into the soft hair at the nape of Kris’ neck, helpless smile coloring his voice as he whispered, breath feathering over sensitive skin and making the other man shiver, “Hey, baby.”

The endearment evoked a Pavlovian shudder from Kris—Adam only called him “baby” when they were fucking, or when he wanted to get Kris all hot and bothered in public, which Kris thought Adam enjoyed doing way too much, the big tease. Rolling his hips between Adam’s hand stroking his cock and the press of Adam’s body against his ass, Kris let his head fall back against Adam’s shoulder. His right hand skimming down Adam’s arm to the hand over his erection, Kris encouraged the harder press of Adam’s palm against his cock as he slung his other arm up and back, hand curving around the back of the other man’s neck as Kris pulled him into a kiss, mouth already opening for Adam’s tongue. This time the kiss was slow and lingering, soft, wet sounds filling the room as slick mouths worked against each other. Pulling back, Kris traced the tip of his tongue along Adam’s full lower lip before replying, “Hey yourself.”

Adam closed the distance between them, not so much kissing Kris as brushing his lips against the other man’s, voice going low and dark as he murmured against Kris’ mouth, “Did I tell you how happy I am that it’s the two of us still here?”

Kris smiled broadly, both at Adam’s statement and at the reminder that, yes, against all the odds stacked against him from the start, he was still there. That he was there with Adam was more than he’d ever dared to hope for. Leaning his head back against Adam’s shoulder to look up at the other man, Kris joked back, “You may have mentioned it once or twice. Or a dozen.”

“Well…” Adam continued, “then I must have also mentioned that I’m pretty darn glad that we finally have this big, empty mansion all to ourselves,” sliding the hand he had on Kris’ side farther up, Kris’ t-shirt bunching around his wrist as he stroked a thumb over the tight point of Kris’ nipple.

Kris rose up on his toes to press into Adam’s hand on his chest as Adam toyed with the nipple, catching it between thumb and forefinger in a gentle pinch before abruptly twisting it, the sweet pain that evoked causing Kris to pant slightly as he replied, hand tightening on Adam’s neck, “I don’t recall the actual words, but I kind of gathered that.”

Twisting the nipple slightly again and relishing the moan it evoked, Adam then moved on to the other, giving it similar treatment. “Then if I told you that after Danny went out for his package, all I could think about was bending you over the control board and fucking you raw right there, what would you gather from that?”

Kris moaned, completely turned on at the thought, though the idea frightened him a little because he knew that if Adam had truly made up his mind to do it, he would have, regardless of who was around, and even more frightening, Kris probably would have let him. “Hmm,” Kris attempted to say nonchalantly, but it came out as more of a squeak as the hand stroking his cock drifted lower to trail fingers across his perineum. “I’d gather that you’re one kinky, exhibitionist son of a bitch.” He turned in Adam’s arms, running his hands along Adam’s shoulders under his jacket to push the item off, letting it crumple to the carpet. “I’d also gather that you need to fuck me. Now.” And he pulled Adam into another soul-searing kiss.

They made short work of each other’s clothing, the only stumbling block being when they both managed to tangle themselves in the suspenders dangling from Adam’s jeans, Kris muttering impatiently, “You thought these were a good idea why?” as he was finally able to push Adam’s pants down his thighs.

Once Adam was completely bereft of clothing, Kris pushed him onto the bed, then went to work on his own jeans, admiring the long, lean body as Adam shifted so that he was propped up against the headboard, running his own appreciative glance along the length of Kris.

“Ooh, a show,” Adam quipped, and Kris would have laughed had he not been too busy watching the way Adam was lazily stroking his own cock. It was flushed a dark red, hard against Adam’s stomach, and while Adam wasn’t precisely massive, he was certainly well above average.

The aching emptiness inside Kris was suddenly excruciating, and he all but ripped his jeans from his body, remembering only then that he was completely bare underneath.

Adam’s brows shot up, even as his hand shot down to give a sharp tug to his balls, because suddenly, whoa, little too excited there. “Going commando on a show being watched live by thirty million people?” Adam grabbed a hold of Kris’ wrist as soon as Kris ventured close enough, pulling the other man on top of him on the bed, on his knees straddling Adam’s thighs. “Now who’s the kinky, exhibitionist son of a bitch?”

Kris was marshalling a comeback to that as he started to shift backwards to sit on Adam’s legs, but before he had a chance to do either, Adam’s hands had circled him to cup his ass, keeping him raised up on his knees as Adam took Kris’ cock in his mouth, no messing around, must immediately swallowing Kris to the hilt.

Kris’ hands flew up to brace on the lip of the headboard to keep his arching back from flinging him away from Adam’s incredibly talented mouth. He looked down at the dark head in wonder, watching as his cock emerged from Adam’s mouth shiny with saliva, as Adam traced his tongue around the head, dipping briefly into his slit before swallowing Kris once again, and Kris was suddenly and unshakably sure that heaven was a boyfriend with no gag reflex.

As much as Adam hated living up to any gay stereotype, he really did enjoy sucking cock, feeling the weight and pressure on his tongue, how the width opened up his throat, how the friction of the thrusting burned all the way through him. But perhaps what Adam enjoyed the most was giving so much pleasure to his partner—especially Kris, since the younger man was always so unbelievably beautiful in his ecstasy. Adam couldn’t resist watching, though the angle was poor, as Kris shuddered and arched, shallowly thrusting into Adam’s mouth, careful, always so careful.

Enough of careful. Adam pried his right hand loose from one firm ass cheek, sliding two fingers into his mouth beside Kris’ cock, quickly covering them in saliva before using his legs to push Kris’ even farther apart before tracing wet fingers over Kris’ hole. Kris jerked forward harshly, all but shoving his cock into Adam’s mouth. Adam encouraged the harder thrusts, using his left hand, still on Kris’ ass, to set the pace.

Kris almost couldn’t breathe, between Adam’s mouth on his cock and the fingers Adam was still only just circling around the rim of his hole. Kris pushed back against Adam’s hand, a sound so full of want escaping his mouth that at any other time it probably would have embarrassed the life out of him, but as it was, Kris was preoccupied with trying to get those fingers inside of him, because, God, he could feel his entire body throbbing with the need to be filled, to put an end to the aching emptiness inside of him.

Smiling wickedly despite the cock in his mouth, Adam abruptly shoved two fingers inside of Kris, relishing the muscular smoothness of the other man’s welcoming passage as a sound that could only be described as a howl escaped Kris’ lips. Adam slowly began thrusting his fingers inside Kris to a rhythm counterpoint to that he was using on Kris’ cock, fingers buried to the webbing one moment, and the next just barely dipping inside, stretching Kris gradually.

Kris flung his head back and moaned as he felt his body opening to Adam’s touch, muscles shifting with the quickness of long practice to accommodate Adam’s long fingers. When those fingers found his prostate and set up shop there, massaging it mercilessly, Kris dropped a hand from the headboard to sink into the long hair at Adam’s temple, pulling the other man off his cock and folding himself down to kiss pouting lips swollen from their activity.

Adam could feel the hunger in Kris before Kris pulled back from their kiss to pant, “God, more.”

Adam frowned, pretending confusion, thrusting his two fingers deeply, stroking over Kris’ prostate, barely suppressing a smile as he felt Kris jerk against him. “More what, dear?”

Kris glared back at Adam, or tried to—that Adam had brought his left hand to stroke Kris’ cock, long, slow pulls from base to tip, even while maintaining the measured, torturous thrusting with the right, made it difficult to hold the expression, and Kris felt like that was cheating on Adam’s part. Making his eyes as hard as he could, voice dropping to its lowest register, he growled, “Put another finger in me, you jerk.”

Adam laughed, reaching out clumsily with his left hand because he refused to give up the warm press of Kris’ body around the fingers of his right hand, even for the few seconds it would take to locate their well-used bottle of lubricant. Adam finally located the bottle under a pillow, and without pulling his fingers completely from Kris’ body, Adam managed to coat a third finger in the viscous liquid and then pushed back in with all three.

“God, yes!” The exclamation came out broken and breathless as Kris felt his body stretching further than before. He rocked back against Adam’s fingers, panting, “Harder…please, faster…”

Adam obliged, quickening his pace until he was almost slamming his fingers into Kris, pulling back to watch the other man, transfixed at the sight of Kris riding his fingers.

For all that Adam was born and raised in California, had immersed himself into its decadence, had met and been with some of the most beautiful people the world had to offer, there was nothing more beautiful, more captivating than Kris in this moment, high on pleasure, hands braced on Adam’s shoulders, digging in with blunt nails as he threw his head back, neck a perfect arc, skin glowing with sweat and sex, and suddenly Adam could control himself no longer.

He slicked his cock perfunctorily, ignoring Kris’ short gasp as he pulled his fingers from the other man, hand going to Kris’ hip to pull Kris in, lube-wet fingers leaving glistening tracks on flawless skin. Bracing his cock with his left hand, he drew Kris down till the head of his cock was just pushing against the entrance to Kris’ body.

As Adam paused, Kris’ eyes opened, staring dazedly at the ceiling for a moment before he lowered his head to look at the other man, expression poised for confusion until his gaze locked with Adam’s. There was emotion in Adam’s bright blue eyes that it was perhaps too early to express with words but not too early to be felt. Not able to say the words either, but wanting Adam to know he felt the same, Kris skimmed his hands up from Adam’s shoulders to frame his face, touch gentle but firm, shoulders hunching slightly as he leaned in to kiss Adam, just the lightest touch of lip to lip, but weighted with a world of words yet unspoken.

As their lips met softly again, and again, Adam could feel the corners of his mouth creeping up incrementally into a smile he knew had to be completely and embarrassingly sappy, so to keep Kris from noticing and to spare himself from the teasing that would surely be forthcoming if Kris were to notice, Adam resumed pulling Kris down onto his cock, smile vanishing into the ether as the head breached the ring of muscle, the tightness suddenly enclosing him forcing a gasp from his lungs.

The sound that erupted from Kris’ mouth as Adam finally, finally entered him would have been a scream, had he had any breath to spare to put behind it. As it was, he was reduced to panting into Adam’s mouth, their kiss abandoned as each struggled not to come.

As soon as Adam was fully seated within him, Kris all but collapsed against the other man for a moment, just feeling the burning stretch of Adam within him, how muscle obligingly shifted as Adam carved a place for himself inside of Kris’ body, and God, Kris always forgot how fucking huge Adam felt within him and how much he fucking loved it.

Adam recovered first from that initial penetration, arms wrapped tightly around Kris, holding him, supporting him as Adam began rolling his hips, thrusting shallowly into the other man. Kris quickly snapped back after that, rocking to meet each of Adam’s thrusts.

In only a matter of seconds, their lovemaking had grown into fucking, hard, fast, both of them still too high on the adrenaline of the night to settle for slow and leisurely. Adam raised his knees to plant his feet on the bed to gain better leverage to thrust deeper into Kris, and Kris took advantage of the support Adam’s upraised knees leant him, bracing a hand against a muscular thigh, letting him rock harder back onto Adam’s cock.

His free hand Kris brought to his own cock, stroking slowly, not wanting to bring himself off too quickly, occasionally letting his fingers drop down to encircle Adam’s cock where it was thrusting into him, trailing over where their bodies were joined, feeling the smooth tautness of his entrance where it was stretched to accommodate Adam.

Seeing Kris touch himself like that was almost unbearably hot, and Adam suddenly found himself closer to the edge than he intended. Determined to bring Kris over with him, Adam fisted the other man’s cock, fingers still wet with the lube he’d used to prepare Kris earlier, setting up a punishingly fast rhythm.

For Kris, Adam’s hand on his cock was the last straw, and he felt the orgasm rise up in him and then overcome him, fluid spurting from his cock over Adam’s hand and both their stomachs. The contractions that rippled through Kris’ passage as he came forced Adam’s climax as well, and Kris shuddered as he felt the hot flood of Adam’s release deep inside of him.

Adam slumped back against the headboard, and Kris collapsed against his chest, the only sound in the otherwise silent room their panted breaths. For long moments neither moved, lacking both the energy and the will to do so, as neither of them was quite ready to lose the closeness.

Eventually, however, spurred by the imminent cramping Kris could feel threatening in his folded legs, he shifted, weakly pressing up from Adam, but only succeeding in actual separation when Adam gathered the strength to help lift him out of Adam’s lap. Kris winced slightly as Adam’s softening cock slipped out of him, brief pain less from that than the pang of emptiness at losing that part of Adam inside him.

Kris settled on the bed next to Adam, stretching out on his side to face the other man as Adam slid down the headboard to take up a similar position facing Kris. Adam expended what felt to be the last of his energy to reach out and sweep a hand over Kris’ face, from hairline to jaw, catching on his neck and pulling him in for a lazy kiss before his exhaustion forced him to let his hand drop to rest between them.

Kris managed to lift a hand to rest over Adam’s, interlacing their fingers, alternating painted with unpainted. He smiled tiredly as Adam squeezed Kris’ fingers between his own. “I ever tell you you’re amazing?”

Adam grinned. “Not today. What a horrible oversight on your part. My ego may never recover.”

Kris snorted. “Your ego needs no help from me.”

Adam ceded the joking point with a mischievous smirk. “True. But you should make it up to me anyway.”

Kris laughed, using the grip he had on Adam’s hand to pull himself in a bit closer to the other man. “I should, huh?” At Adam’s enthusiastic nod, Kris continued, “And what exactly did you have in mind?”

Adam grinned wickedly and, from reserves he didn’t know he possessed, found the energy to surprise Kris by abruptly pulling him flush to Adam’s body, flipping them so that Adam hovered over the other man, stealing a kiss before saying, “Nothing concrete yet, but I’m sure we can hammer out a deal.”

Kris’ arms came up to encircle Adam’s neck, and as Kris pulled him down into a kiss, he murmured, “Works for me,” feeling Adam’s smile against his own as their lips met once again.

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